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Barron McCann’s state of the art IP CCTV Systems and Video Management Systems (VMS) open up a wide range of quality loss prevention solutions and Video Analytic capabilities.

 In the Retail Sector, the application of CCTV has traditionally been limited to basic surveillance, with many systems still centred on analogue cameras and recorders.

 However, the migration to IP based cameras (IP CCTV) has now reached a tipping point – retailers need to maximise profit and minimise loss in order to compete in an aggressive marketplace, and also get the greatest business value from the data available on their systems. 

Disadvantages of Legacy CCTV SystemsAdvantages of IP CCTV Systems
– Non-standard cabling

– Local power requirement for cameras

– Low quality images

– Unreliable

– Minimal management information

– No integration with other business functions

– High resolution allows use for Loss Prevention

– Add business value through sophisticated Video Analytics

– Easier to install, support and maintain

– Save time & money through central management and remote access

– Integrates with rest of IP network infrastructure

– Push/pull integration of mobile devices


Benefits of IP CCTV in Retail

 Greatly improved quality of images – Far more likely to be acceptable as evidence assisting  in securing a conviction.

Access CCTV system from remote sites – Lower costs and better information sharing, accessable by PC client, web interface, or smart phone.

Sophisticated viewing and reviewing facilities – Powerful features to swiftly access and review activity, as well as highlighting key information.

Open VMS platform allows addition of further Video Analytics applications – Access to wide range of applications such as LPR (Licence Plate Recognition), People/Zone Counters, heat tracking, integration with ePOS systems, etc.

Centralised monitoring of some or all of estate – Not only for security purposes but also marketing and planning.

Integration with Smartphones – Provides push/pull video so shop floor guards can feedback incidents to the control room, images/clips can be sent to mobile staff.

Support for legacy analogue devices – These can be connected to the VMS, lowering the cost of adoption and allowing a transition to IP cameras over time.

Wide range of solutions, whatever the size – Whether a small corner store or a multinational retailer, there is an IP CCTV solution to meet your requirements.


IP CCTV Solutions from Barron McCann


Cameras – We offer best of breed solutions from manufacturers including Mobotix, Oncam Grandeye, Avigilon and ACTi. Each of these offers excellent image quality and a range of storage and analytics capabilities. Our choice of Milestone XProtect® for VMS means that we can support the broadest range of IP cameras, as well as analogue cameras via decoders. We also supply a range of NVRs and servers to support our solutions.

Video Management System – Barron McCann is a Milestone Partner and uses Milestone XProtect®, a truly open platform which supports the widest range of cameras, and allows integration of a massive range of third party applications. We also support VMS solutions by Avigilon and Trackit.

Managed Deployment – Barron McCann has organised some of the biggest IT rollouts in the UK. From equipment acquisition, hangaring, build, logistics, through to network infrastructure, project rollout and training, Barron McCann provides one of the most comprehensive services in the country and can deploy IP CCTV across a UK, Eire or even European estate.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance – Of course, being Barron McCann you can rest assured that we will provide a fully managed support and maintenance service to ensure your IP CCTV solution continues running at optimum performance, and also work with you over time to develop the system and maximise the benefits you obtain.


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Project, Infrastructure and Deployment Services

Leading specialists delivering new site and store openings, major rollouts and ongoing IMACs

IT Procurement

Vendor Independent service, reporting on all aspects of performance, durability and design

Project Services

Employing one of the most experienced project management teams in the UK, focussed on delivering large scale and multi-site IT deployment.


Extensive Warehouse facilities, supporting the largest of IT Projects, Installations and Deployments

Stock Management

End to end stock management service

IT Build and Configuration Services

Fully integrated, dedicated build and configuration facility at our UK site

IT Installation and Deployment Services

Barron McCann’s PIDS team will manage every aspect of your project to minimise deployment-related downtime.

Managed Print Services

Our Managed Print Solution is designed to give you full control over print procurement and management.

Field Service Engineering

Company employed professional service team specialising in IT and EPOS Equipment

Epos Maintenance

No device is failure-proof, so having the right EPOS support when systems fail is critical to help keep your customers happy.

P2PE Compliant Deployment and Maintenance Services

Organisations can greatly reduce the overhead of achieving PCI DSS by implementing “Point to Point Encryption”, or P2PE.

Change Management

We invest time to get the transition and continuing service right from the start

Service Management / Service Delivery

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First-line support for Industry standard and customer developed, bespoke software

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Our logistics management team has real time visibility of all stock holdings regardless of location