Looking back at the last 40 years and looking forward to the future.

Looking back at the last 40 years and looking forward to the future.

This year, Barron McCann is celebrating its 40th birthday – marking four decades of service into the retail, retail hospitality and retail banking sectors – and as such we are renewing our commitment to remaining at the forefront of retail IT support, service, repair, installation, new store refits and changes.

Founded in 1977, the service Barron McCann has been able to consistently deliver to retailers has allowed us to grow largely via referrals. Now, in 2017, we deliver a vast array of IT installation and maintenance services to many major retailers in 16 different European territories – made up of 14,106 sites and 56,298 POS lanes!

Looking ahead to the future, Barron McCann is channelling its energy into enhancing the services it provides to its customers, including improving its European operations by ensuring all customers are provided with the same high levels of service in all territories, as delivered in the UK. By providing a standard high-level of service across the board, we are able to guarantee Barron McCann customers anywhere will get the Barron McCann service they expect.

We’ve now grown to a team of around 290 employees across various different departments and countries, meaning we have been able to make our offering as wide-ranging as possible. Whilst the company has always focused on providing IT support to the retail sector, we have also expanded our services to support retail hospitality and high street financial services sectors too.

As a team we have all learned a huge amount about the world of IT services through the work we have provided for our customers – for everything they’ve learned from us, we’ve learned something from them – and this has helped to inform future decisions for customers as well as securing our place in the industry as knowledge leaders. We’re committed as a company to forging strong, lasting relationships with our customers, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning, and by working closely with them and listening to their needs we’re able to provide the right service for them.

The Barron McCann brand is constantly looking forward. This enables us to work with our customers to identify not just their current needs but also those to come. This has helped us to keep one step ahead with regards to the solutions we are developing and providing for our customers, enabling businesses to become future-proof whilst remaining true to any traditional business methods. At Barron McCann we’re all extremely proud of what the company has achieved over the past 40 years, and we hope to build on this for years to come.

Contributed by: Barron McCann 40th Committee

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Leading specialists delivering new site and store openings, major rollouts and ongoing IMACs

IT Procurement

Vendor Independent service, reporting on all aspects of performance, durability and design

Project Services

Employing one of the most experienced project management teams in the UK, focussed on delivering large scale and multi-site IT deployment.


Extensive Warehouse facilities, supporting the largest of IT Projects, Installations and Deployments

Stock Management

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Organisations can greatly reduce the overhead of achieving PCI DSS by implementing “Point to Point Encryption”, or P2PE.

Change Management

We invest time to get the transition and continuing service right from the start

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Our logistics management team has real time visibility of all stock holdings regardless of location