Barron McCann - Delivering Service Excellence

Barron McCann Group Holdings Limited is the holding group for all Barron McCann companies, established following a Management Buy-Out in October of 2013.

The corporate structure reflects the desire to develop new and complimentary company offerings, leveraging strengths in associated services and technologies.

Having successfully completed new acquisitions in 2013/14 the aspirations for the future of the company place it very firmly at the forefront of retail evolution and the company is set for exciting development and expansion in the coming years, whilst leading the way in International IT systems support.

These are the current portfolio of companies within Barron McCann Group Holdings – 

BMcAzurri Limited

BMcAzurri Limited works with Barron McCann to provide a large range of installation and support services to UK major Charity Organisations utilising the knowledge and expertise of the Charity Sector of BMcAzurri.  Having worked in the sector for  over 12 years  (previously Azurri Charity) they also offer a range of gift aid and point of sale solutions,  both in-house and managed service for charities both large and small.  Customers include British Heart Foundation, Salvation Army and RSPCA and a range of smaller charities and Hospices, over 100 in total.