Change Management

From the initial meeting with Barron McCann to the start of a managed service relationship, the change management function is continually adding value, putting in place well-defined transitional processes and procedures that deliver successful results. Identifying all the key areas, all processes are task driven with fully evaluated risks and issues being managed through standard ITIL practices.

What makes Barron McCann’s change management consultancy unique is our attention to detail, the level of scrutiny we apply to evaluate and mitigate potential risks. We succeed in delivering the service from day one due to the investment in time and resources and the methodical approach to anticipate all eventualities that may hinder performance during the transition, thus avoiding any surprises when delivering the service. By analysing our customer’s systems, historical data and trading patterns, we design a profile to ensure that the quantities of equipment required to service our clients will be available & serviceable well beyond any manufacturer’s published ‘end of life’ time scales.

Throughout the life of the service, we utilise a robust change management methodology to capture and communicate to all relevant parties the clients evolving & expanding requirements. A proactive approach to dealing with change is at the core of all aspects of our service delivery – ensuring a “no surprises” approach.

As a dynamic and efficient organisation we pride ourselves that we react quickly to our customers change requirements. By involving all the operational departments, those who ultimately deliver the service, we can fully analysis of the impacts of the change.

Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, essentially ensuring that both customer and supplier Organisations are acting in a controlled, synchronised manner that delivers the required outcomes, in terms of service and commercial performance.

We pride ourselves that we react quickly to our customers change requirements.

Why Barron McCann?

We strive for excellence in change management and reporting, we asked our customers what they thought

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On-going Business Support

"Our experience with previous providers has suggested that once the contract has been signed, the innovation and proactive help dissipates. With Barron McCann we’re seeing the converse approach and they’re assisting us in identifying other means by which we can jointly drive service and cost benefit on-going"

Kerry Hardy

IS Support Manager Vision Express

Excellent Service Transition and Instant SLA Improvement

“We were absolutely delighted with the smooth transition and there has been an ongoing impressive consistency that hadn’t been achieved with previous suppliers. Service levels are consistently well into the 90% figures. And we’ve continued ongoing discussions with Barron McCann to look at new service options that are driving benefits for us both moving forwards - it’s a win-win situation.”

Stuart Lockhart

Retail IT ManagerJames Hall Limited

Service Migration and Service Improvement

"A great deal of planning work took place ahead of the service migration and to me this was the key to the transition being so seamless. The transition provided us with a significant service improvement from "day one" and the subsequent service level has been beyond our expectations."

Bruce Craig

Information Services Manager World Duty Free

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