Barron McCann Achieves CHAS Accreditation

Barron McCann Limited is pleased to announce its most recent accreditation from the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). The aim of the scheme is to improve health and safety standards across the UK which is widely used and recognised in the construction industry. Barron McCann provides IT support and maintenance to leading retailers, […]


6 things to consider before upgrading store hardware

Beyond appeasing the needs of the CIO, IT Directors, Financial Directors and store designers (and perhaps others) the practical and functional implications of selecting the right piece of IT hardware for your store operations can be fraught with challenges. The implications of a purchase, that will ultimately affect your entire commercial operations, are quite often […]


Looking back at the last 40 years and looking forward to the future.

This year, Barron McCann is celebrating its 40th birthday – marking four decades of service into the retail, retail hospitality and retail banking sectors – and as such we are renewing our commitment to remaining at the forefront of retail IT support, service, repair, installation, new store refits and changes. Founded in 1977, the service […]


Ensuring Data Security When Using Wireless Networks – are consumers on board?

Whether they’re thinking about it or not, consumers should be nervous about sharing their data. Retail in 2017 is heavily geared towards online and mobile users and, for physical stores, one of the best ways to tap into this market is by providing in-store incentives, such as Wi-Fi access, in return for their customer’s data. […]


The New Role of the High Street

There is a new balance developing between high street and online retailers. Whilst industry experts have spent the past few years predicting the death of bricks and mortar stores, 45% of shoppers still cite the high street as their main shopping channel. Despite the rise in online shopping, seven in ten people actually prefer to […]


Ageing Infrastructure is hampering retailers growth potential

Continual Change Barron McCann has been involved in the specification and deployment of network infrastructure in the retail sector for 40 years, and there have been many changes in the technologies that customers wish to support over that time. One of the biggest changes to the way we deal with network requirements was the introduction […]


Ensuring your IT provisions will survive New Year returns

With new figures suggesting that British shoppers spent an average of £183 this festive period, and have returned or will return 70 per cent of their total spend[1], it is important for retailers to have their store till systems available, “always-on” to manage these returns. However, while there is a lot of attention given to […]


Three Retail Tech Trends to Watch in 2017

Mobile POS is the way of the future. This is due to all the reasons that have been said many times before, such as helping to bust queues, creating greater customer engagement, and so on. However, the one aspect that is so often overlooked is the necessity for businesses ensure the strength of their bandwidth […]


Top Tips for Improved Customer Experience

Developments in retail and EPOS technology in recent years have focused on improving customer service with more efficient and secure payment methods, going from card swiping to PIN and now onto contactless. Implementing modern EPOS solutions is only half of the job, and unreliable or poorly functioning equipment can discourage customers from returning. Successful retail […]


Attracting a customer for life, not just for Christmas

As Christmas approaches once again, more and more customers will inevitably begin shopping outside of their usual haunts as they search for that perfect gift for friends and family. For retailers, this means opportunities to attract, and potentially keep, new customers who may not have shopped with them in the past. However, making sure first-time […]